Services and Therapies:

Non Surgical Decompression

Non Surgical Decompression therapy includes phases of distraction and relaxation. After the disc causing pain is identified by MRI, it is placed under pressure by creating a vacuum effect. It creates a 280 degree negative pressure inside the disc and involves stretching the spine with the goal of relieving both back and leg pain. The disc is then returned to its correct position and a fresh blood supply is increased which will promote healing. This technique not only brings immediate relief, but it can prevent problems from recurring. This therapy can help reduce bulges and herniations, along with spinal stenosis and facet syndrome.

Intersegmental Traction Therapy and Interferential Therapy

Intersegmental Traction therapy is an effective therapy that induces passive motion into the spine gently and effectively. It helps mobilize the spine, align minor misalignments and primes the joint fluid for adjustment. This therapy gently stretches the muscles and ligaments along the spine to promote a straighter posture. Traction is beneficial to any individual who has been affected due to injury, fatigue, poor posture or an accident. It also helps promote a normal range of motion to the spine in a very gentle manner. Overall, a great therapy to help treat a body of any size, weight or shape in an equal and effective manner, including children.

Interferential Therapy is a low frequency electrical stimulation of the nerves that repairs tissue at a cellular level. It also helps diminish inflammation by increasing the blood flow to the problem area and pumping the edematous fluid out. For that reason this therapy is great for pain control and in the reduction of muscle spasms.

Active Therapeutic Movement (ATM2)

Active Therapeutic Movement (ATM2) provides a straight forward and effective approach to treat musculoskeletal disorders. It helps with immediate pain relief in back, neck, hips, shoulders, pelvis or legs. ATM2 will also help strengthen the smaller muscles along the spine, which in turn help hold the adjustment. This effective therapy also provides a way to exercise and engage the smaller muscles that regular daily activity and exercise can not activate. Strengthening those smaller muscles will decrease the chance of another painful episode.

Vibration Therapy is a therapy that causes the muscles to contract and relax. It improves circulation (which promotes healing), reduces joint and back pain, and increases muscle mass. Vibration therapy is beneficial for the treating of muscle weakness and muscle soreness. This therapy also targets the smaller muscles that we normally can not exercise and aids to the strengthening of the muscles along the spine to help hold the adjustment. Vibration therapy can be used in a localized area for healing or the whole body for overall wellness.

Micro Current / Electro acupuncture

Micro Current / Electro acupuncture uses extremely low-level electrical current to treat nerve and muscle pain. It restores normal frequencies with in the cells, resulting in improvements in pain, inflammation and function. The micro currents are so weak you will feel no shock-like sensation because they do not stimulate the sensory nerve. This device has a sensor that allows the doctor to see how inflamed the pressure point of concern is and exactly where the nerve is located.

Functional Neurology

With functional neurology we focus on the cerebellum which influences balance, coordination and most importantly the spinal muscles from the skull to the sacrum. If the cerebellum is not functioning properly the spinal muscles can become weaker on one side creating an instability. We do cerebellum activations (vibration, oxygen therapy etc.) to increase function, thus eliminating the imbalance. This allows the patient to hold their adjustment and improve their health rapidly.

Chiropractic Techniques:

Palmer Package

Palmer Package is a technique that begins with a careful analysis of the misalignments, spine position and vertebras, via x-rays, MRI, etc.. Chiropractic expertise in coordinating the techniques allows us to provide maximum adjustment effectiveness for the best results possible and at the highest level of personalized effective care.

Diversified Technique

Diversified Technique is to care for the spine and other joints in the body as we focus on restoring proper joint movement, alignment and function.

Gonstead Techniques

Gonstead Techniques goal is to restore and maintain your bio-mechanically correct position so that you can return to optimal nerve function, optimal health and optimal comfort.

Active Release Technique

Active Release Technique is a combination of examination and treatment. The provider will use his hands to evaluate the texture, tightness and movement of muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and fascia. Abnormal tissues are treated by combining precisely directed tension with very specific patient movements.