I've been seeing Dr. Roadhouse for my lower back pain off and on for three years. He's an amazing chiropractor with a very reassuring personality. I'm seeing him now for neck pain and in seven visits my pain is barely a 1. So he's great at his profession and really great dealing with his patients.

- John K.

I have had ongoing problems for about 4 years.  I have very flat feet and have developed weakness in my legs and feet. I have been to 4 orthopedic doctors and two podiatrists.  I had an EMG which indicated severe nerve damage that showed all the signs of L5 SI pinched nerve. I had two MRI's which did show some issues but not  anything that would cause the problems I have.  Basically the orthopedic doctors told me that my problems were not caused by my feet or my back and that nothing could be done and that my symptoms would probably get worse and I would end up on nerve medication for the rest of my life.  I saw one chiropractor before I came to Dr. Roadhouse.  The adjustments I received had helped and some of my symptoms had improved, however, I felt that I needed more than what he was doing.  So, I made an appointment with Dr. Roadhouse.  He examined me and found what he felt was causing my problems, something that all the other  doctors had seen but said was not the cause.  Dr. Roadhouse also found that several joints in my lower back were not moving as well as joints in my feet and ankles and that together with some misalignment of my lower spine was the likely cause.  My recovery  will be long and slow, but since going to Dr. Roadhouse, I no longer have pain in my back and I am slowly regaining strength in my legs, ankles and feet.  On my first visit with Dr. Roadhouse, he told that he would do an examination and if he felt that he could not help me, then he would send me to another doctor.  It means so much that he really seems to care about his patients and to see his excitement when there is improvement.  He takes time to listen and to explain. My recent experiences with other doctors  left me feeling frustrated and scared.  God has given Dr. Roadhouse the skills and abilities to help people and he truly seems to value that

. -Brenda B.

I have had an outstanding experience with Dr. Roadhouse and his team. He is a miracle worker! I have been to several different chiropractors in the area but nothing compares to the treatment I have received with Dr. Roadhouse. Your overall health and happiness is their number one priority, I couldn’t be more grateful for the individual attention and time that Dr. Roadhouse and his staff have spent with me. I would recommend his office to all of my friends and family. I can now confidently return to my daily routines as well as crossfit.  Thank you so much Dr. Roadhouse and staff!!

-Brooke W.

I would recommend this office to everyone. When I went after my car wreck I was scared and wasn't sure what all was wrong with me but they were so nice and made sure I got the right care for what was wrong. I missed placed my top three ribs and it hurt to breath, talk, sneeze or cough but after the first adjustment I was breathing and laughing like normal. They get you up and moving like your old self in no time. They keep you until they know your better and there always smiling and laughing. The staff is amazing and they work with your schedule. The best chiropractor I have been to and I would definitely come back.

- Essie S.